UCI’s Blum Center is developing innovative courses to introduce students to the complex issue of poverty in the 21st century, and to provide them opportunities to make meaningful contributions to alleviating poverty at home and abroad. A tech-enhanced course on global poverty launched during the 2016-2017 school year as a component of the Minor in Civic and Community Engagement and International Studies. The Center is partnering with International Studies to create a Global Poverty & Inequality Focus within the Major, aimed at engaging students from diverse backgrounds. The curriculum will draw upon existing campus strengths from a variety of applied disciplines, including alternative energy, hydrology, appropriate technology, social computing, alternative finance, public health, and sustainability science, as well as policy-oriented domains, including international relations, sustainable development, demography, migration, peace building, development economics and law, human and gender security and global humanitarianism.

The flagship online course, Global Poverty & Inequality in the 21st Century, launched in Winter 2017. It will next be offered in Spring 2018.