Civic and Community Engagement Minor – Blum Poverty Track

At the start of the millennium, widespread global poverty has emerged as one of the most pressing social problems of our times. The Blum Poverty Track within the Civic and Community Engagement Minor brings together students from across majors and disciplines to explore poverty, inequity, and social enterprise through coursework and practical field experience.

The objective of this poverty track is to equip and empower students to engage with global poverty and inequality in imaginative and effective ways. Given the complexity of global poverty issues and the vigorous debates around poverty alleviation strategies, we aspire to support new generations of innovators, activists, and scholars as they work through their own role and place within these persistent challenges and build the skills and sensibilities capable of addressing these issues.

Over 200 students enrolled and completed the first offering of the Global Poverty and Inequality online course. The Minor with the poverty track gives students a concrete next step in their poverty and service-focused education.

Students who have declared the Civic and Community Engagement Minor, poverty track will be given priority consideration for field study experiences such as the Global Service Scholars program.


In addition to the core courses of the Civic and Community Engagement Minor, a core requirement of the poverty track is completion of the Blum Center’s online course PP&D 115: Global Poverty and Inequality in the 21st Century. Students are required to complete an internship or field experience and three upper-division elective courses from the approved list for a total of eight courses (28 units):

Declaring the Minor

Ready to declare the minor? Declaring the Poverty Track Minor is not required, but allows students to access resources that assist in selecting field experience, gain priority admission to Track core courses and the Global Service Scholars program, and receive information on events and opportunities relevant to addressing global poverty and inequality.

To help plan your academic requirements, use this Declaration Worksheet.

Once complete, submit your application through this Poverty Track Declaration Google Form.