School Based Tutoring Programs

Your time at UCI will be busy, demanding and very rewarding. We have many programs to help you succeed academically and in your growth as a person. Check out some of these links for ideas on how to get the most out of your time at UCI!

Learning and Academic Resources Center (LARC)

LARC’s mission is to promote the academic success of UCI’s students by helping them to grow intellectually, develop effective oral and written communication skills, and build the self-esteem necessary to become confident, independent learners.

LARC offers collaborative Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Sessions and Study Skills Workshops each quarter to support this mission. See their website at for full details.

Additional Tutoring Resources at UCI

Please find below links to other tutoring services provided by the Schools on campus. These services are not affiliated with LARC.

If a department wishes to add their tutoring link to this list or modify their entry, please contact Associate Dean Rudi Berkelhamer at